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About us

GT Corporation SE is an international company, which has been working in the field of marine construction in different European countries for more than 25 years. Our main activities are quality and safety maintenance in the Life Cycle Management (LCM) of ports, construction design and engineering research, diving and underwater engineering, building, repair and reconstruction. Restoration of architectural monuments, lighthouses and other navigational aids takes a special place in the list of our services.

GT Corporation SE was established in November 1990 as GT Projekt AS. Throughout the whole period of its existence, GT Corporation SE (GT Projekt AS) has been deeply involved in the development of new markets, technologies and directions of marine construction. The company is also one of the largest in terms of the number of divers in the Baltic region.

GT EST OÜ is a production subdivision of GT Corporation SE, founded in 2009. Its primary specialization is the execution of construction and repair works of waterfront structures in ports of Estonia, as well as underwater engineering works.

During the years of activity of GT Corporation SE hundreds of maritime and navigation facilities have been examined, certified, designed, built and repaired in different regions of the Baltic, Black, Caspian, Mediterranean, Barents and White Seas.

GT Corporation SE possesses great mobility and can deploy to almost any harbour in the world to provide its services. The company has completed multiple projects in different ports of Europe and beyond. A comprehensive map of locations of these projects in the European region can be seen below.



Our staff

Victor Burovenko
GT Corporation SE Director

Igor Sajenko
Chief Engineer

Aleksei Usanov
Development manager

Anzhelika Terzijan
Business Manager

Leonid Makutsinski
Design and expertise department manager

Igor Bondaruk
IT Manager

Alexander Kharichev
Diving Works Manager

Zinaida Michurova
Cost Accountant

Jelena Kulakova
Chief Accountant

Viktor Pantelejev
Production Facilities Manager

Main office

GT Corporation SE

Tartu mnt 65, 10115 Tallinn ESTONIA

reg. code: 10113886

VAT No: EE100077933

tel:  +372 601 0205

E-mail: info@gtcorporation.eu

Production facilities


Tehnika tn 170 (Filtri tee 20), 10138 Tallinn ESTONIA

tel:  +372 53 409 612

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