GT Corporation SE is an international company, which has been working in the field of maritime engineering in different European countries for more than 25 years. We provide services in 5 key directions.

  • Life Cycle Management
    of Ports
  • Diving and Underwater
    Engineering Works
  • Design and
    Engineering Research
  • Construction, Repair and
  • Lighthouses and
    Navigational Aids Restoration

Life Cycle Management
of Ports

GT Corporation SE provides services covering the full Life Cycle Management of ports and harbours. Based on our multi-year experience, our specialists participated in the development of RIL-236 standard of Condition Management of Harbour Structures (Guidelines for condition assessment and control, maintenance, repair and design of harbour structures). We provide the following services:

Technical inspection and maintenance
• Inspection and survey of the operational safety of pier structures
• Inspection and support of maritime construction works
• Analytical and economic justification of investment programs for ports operation and ensuring technical safety

Quality control and maintenance
• Technological control of repair, corrosion protection, underwater engineering, survey and inspection works
• Pier durability enhancement activities
• Provision of technical suitability of waterfront structures

Engineering and analytical services
• Execution of concept projects for ports construction, development and reprofiling
• Expert evaluation of insurance and emergency cases
• Operational planning for technical projects in ports and open sea

Diving and Underwater
Engineering Works

GT Corporation SE is one of the largest companies in the number of divers in the Baltic region and takes part in both administration and development of the Estonian Underwater Works Producers Association and Baltic Commercial Diving Association. We provide the full range of diving and underwater engineering services, including:

• Surveying
• Laying of underwater cables and pipelines
• Hermetic chamber services
• Ship maintenance and minor repair
• Lifting of sunken crafts and objects
• Underwater welding

Examples of our diving services can be seen in the following video:

Design and
Engineering Research

GT Corporation SE has vast experience in design and engineering research. Multiple projects have been completed in this direction in the European region, including design of piers, port support structures, waterfront structures and navigational aids.
We provide:

• Development of structural and technological solutions for repair, reconstruction, increase of bearing capacity, durability, operational safety of structures of berths and aids to navigation
• Structure planning and development concept design of ports and port infrastructure
• Architectural concept development
• Geological and hydrological research of seaport water areas
• Development of construction projects for waterfront structures
• Structural design

Construction, Repair and

GT Corporation SE is ready to provide all the required services for construction and repair of both land and marine structures, including:

• Building and reconstruction of marinas, berth facilities, ramps
• Repair and restoration of navigational aids
• Construction, repair and reconstruction of shore infrastructure facilities and structural components of maritime facilities

Examples of our construction services are demonstrated in the video below:

Lighthouses and
Navigational Aids Restoration

Since the establishment of GT Corporation SE (GT Projekt AS) in 1990, we have been able to unite the previously separated forces of builders, designers and scientists devoted to the noble business of sailing safety in the Baltics. As a result, we have gained vast experience in construction, inspection, technical diagnostics and repair of facilities for safe and accurate navigation.

Today we participate not only in major and expensive investment projects but also in projects that are performed in complex environmental and site conditions. We provide the following services for lighthouses and navigational aids:

• Scientific research
• Design and survey
• Construction and installation works

Examples of completed works on lighthouse restoration can be seen in video below:
GT Corporation SE 1990 - 2020